SNT Active Freshness

SNT Active Freshness

Freshness, hygiene and comfort are essential for textiles. Microorganisms thrive best in environments with moisture, food and warm temperatures. Unfortunatelly textiles are an ideal surface for microoganisms to develop and reproduce. The problems they cause include odours, deterioration, stains, allergies and in some cases even diseases. The principal consequence of microorganisms on textiles noticeable by consumers is the creation of unpleasant smells an uncomfortable feeling.

SNT top fuse products are protected by active freshness which is the world’s first odourless, colourless, non-migrating, durable technology with a broad spectrum of activity against microbes like bacteria, fungi, yeast and algae. active freshness is based on the fixation of a non-migrating or bonded, permanent coating on the fibres. This coating is specially designed to deactivate microorganisms. The microorganisms are physically attracted by the coating. Once they come into contact with this coating the cell membrane is punctured, as if by a sword. In this way microorganisms are deactivated.

The active substance of active freshness has been accepted by numerous authorised bodies around the world, such as US EPA, Europe Einecs, the European Biocidal Products Regulation and Türkish Biocide Directive. It has gained the Ökotex Klasse 1 standart.

  • Excellent wash fastness.
  • Mükemmel yıkama dayanımı
  • No migrating to the skin or the environment.
  • The confidence of 35 years experience.
  • Envirenmentally responsible technology.

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